sbc actively supports a company’s management team, coordinating the entire reorganization process on-site as part of an interim management solution (sole management, financial or restructuring management etc.) in cooperation with stakeholders, over a period of three to twelve months. Our experts take effective action rapidly to secure liquidity, overcome over-indebtedness and return a company to operational profitability. They work in interdisciplinary teams that cooperate closely with the client’s employees and the sbc back office team.

Examples of action taken (phase 1) include:

  • Liquidity planning and management including a possible balance sheet reorganization
  • Identification and implementation of cost-reduction measures
  • Consistent implementation of the resulting measures by means of strict implementation monitoring
  • Timely, detailed information for managers and shareholders regarding the status of the restructuring and the implementation monitoring
  • Ongoing communication with all affected stakeholders (monthly reporting etc.)